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As usual, it is always sad to see the Launch wrap up. It is such an awesome event. Riders push themselves, get creative and share in both camaraderie and a whole lot of fun!

T-Bird wrote a nice summation of the event that you should really go check out at Snowboarder Mag. I will paste the parts pertaining to Red below, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t read it in its entirety.

…With The Launch, the ultimate objective is to assemble the world’s best riders under the age of 21 not only in order to introduce themselves to their peers and get a chance to lap with those they might never have the chance to, but also to provide a unique and inviting setup to allow these kids to think outside the box and expand their vision of what snowboarding is and can be…

In the afternoon, what may be the most varied session of the event went down. With some of the riders lagging from three long days on hill, the stragglers were intermingled on a hip session and they included Jordan Smalls, Red Gerard, Toby Miller, Milo Malkoski, Zach Normandin, Ezra Racine, Matt Penny, Jacob Krugmire, Chris Bradshaw, Lucas Magoon, Ryan Tarbell, Jacob Aaronson, and a few other kids leftover helping finish off the event. Let me tell you one thing. I you’ve ever had the chance to watch a session with Gooner, Bradshaw, Red Gerard, and Toby Miller, then you’re one lucky reader. Everyone was pushing each other in very odd ways, evidenced by Bradshaw opting to air out twenty feet over the deck while tweaking like only he can. The hip session turned a mellow day into one of the most productive of the four and at the day’s end, we called the event around four to let everyone rest up and heal.

…These are the kids that are tomorrow’s opinion leaders, trend setters, video part ender producers, contest juggernauts, and product pushers. These are the kids that will save snowboarding, and as the mainstream media continues to claim that snowboarding is simply a fad and it will soon go away, I personally know about eighty kids that couldn’t disagree more, and they’re dead set on proving the naysayers wrong. In other words, The Launch 2013 Presented by Volcom may be done, but this is just the beginning of something very, very big.


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