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Superpark 17

The first live webcast of Superpark 17 has gone down. What an exciting way to get those of us not skilled enough to be up there, in on the action. If you missed it, I am told it will be available to replay, I will post a link when it is posted. 25 riders were selected to participate on the jump created by Loon Mountain and we saw some amazing stuff get thrown. Red said he almost threw his double but then the lighting got flat and it started to rain, maybe another day (I am told that a full part edit including Red’s double was just completed so stay tuned on that front). Make sure not to miss days 2 and 3 of the live webcast, starting at 1:30 PST today and same time on Thursday as well. Want to check out the Day 2 video? Just click on the “Home” tab for all the latest posts. Below is a photo from Day 2, both are taken directly from SnowboarderMag‘s site:


This is either Red Gerard or the midget from “Game of Thrones.” Photo: Huggy


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