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Superpark 17 – Day 3 Video

Since this site is supposed to be a gathering of info and photos on Red I will open up with some words from the Day 3 recap on SnowboarderMag‘s site. To read the recap in it entirety (strongly recommended) just click on the link:

This may have been one of the gnarliest sessions I have ever seen in real life. The Mindnich brothers once again provided a solid offering, lapping the hip countless times with back rodeo Taipans from Hans and huge front 360 stalefishes from Nils. Garrett Warnick landed an impressive back seven, along with a smooth back five melon to crystal method. Kim-Rune Hansen was destroying, along with Charles Reid, Annie Boulanger, Sam Taxwood, Austen Sweetin, Zach Normandin, and little Red Gerard, who all put down serious hammers time and time again.

Hope you all are enjoying the live webcasts. Day 3’s action was crazy, with incredible performances from Hans and Nils Mindnich, Sam Taxwood and others. Roope Tonteri had multiple attempts at a double Michalchuk but couldn’t seem to put it down until the webcast finally decided to close up shop. But of course, as soon they did Roope stomped it. Luckily it is captured here in the ender of the Day 3 video. Check out Red and his friends Gabe and Brock one right after the other in the opening, and another shot at about 3:30.


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