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SUPERPARK 17 – DAY 5 PHOTO….and finally… DAY 5 VIDEO

Red’s first Superpark has come to an end. As with all Snowboarder Mag events, he had a blast. Thanks to everyone who helped get him where he needed to be. I know you’ll probably never read this, but special thanks to Frankie, Red’s Burton TM, and of course Pat and T-Bird for giving Red a shot at getting to do what he loves! Here is a last shot from Day 5.

If they ever put some photos up, I will share with you Red’s win at the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge, which took place at Bachelor the day after Superpark ended. Red took first in the Keiki division (16 and under). He LOVES the trophy!


Red Gerard, white snow, and a blue salt bag. This photo is so patriotic. Photo: T. Bird

Here is the Day 5 video, Spencer Schubert and Red switch boards in the opening, there’s another shot of Red at 2:08, but check out what Scotty Vine does for the ender, pretty incredible!

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