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Superpark 18

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Red was once again extremely fortunate to have been asked to Snowboarder Mags, 18 and over, photo shoot – Superpark 18. Unfortunately he battled the flu, but he made the best of it and still managed to get a few shots and commentate for a bit on the webcast.

Day 1 – Words by Mary Walsh

May in Oregon can be tricky when it comes to weather, and as the sky opened up to blue skies and bright sun on Day 1 of Superpark 18, the riders were ready to make the most of the conditions. A slew of lenses pointed toward the sky as snowboarders like Louif Paradis, Austin Hironaka, Will Lavigne, Mike Ravelson, Austen Sweetin, Desiree Melancon, Brandon Cocard, Red Gerard, Matts Kulisek, Jamie Lynn, Spencer Schubert, Frank April, Peter Line and more lined up to hit the features.

Day 4 –

As the day got closer to webcast time everyone started to gather around the Woodward step up. A slew of riders started to destroy the jump. Ben Ferguson was showing that he is definitely one of the legends of our time. Nils and Hans Mindnich were happy to get off the rocks today and sent tricks over the step up with effortless style. Jaeger Bailey was throwing double tail grab 900s. Jeremy Page, Red Gerard, Mitch Richmond, Christian Connors, and Matt Wainhouse all killed it. The webcast was a lot of fun and everyone rode great.

Webcast Day 2 – Red and his brother Bren drop in together about 1:20:50, they take a commercial break and Red comes on to commentate at 1:24:00.

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