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2nd Place So-Gnar’s Shred Circuit Contest Stop #1 – Woodward @ Copper

Taken from the S0-Gnar site –

With a fresh six inches of powder and some colder temperatures, it felt like the Winter Season had finally arrived. The 2012-13 So-Gnar Shred Circuit Contest Series kicked off the season with the folks from Woodward @ Copper for Shred Circuit Stop #1. The Woodward Park Crew built a fun, early season ultra creative set-up which the riders definitely destroyed and sessioned together feeding off of each others energy to see who will be taking home the 1st qualifying spot for Shred Circuit Finals at Winter Park Resort April 13. With pow landings and some super technical tricks, the event was a blast. The Red Bull MXT provided great sound for the competitors to get their early season hiking in and win a bunch of great gear from the tour sponsors. All photography is courtesy of Chris Faronea and Tripp Fay. Next Shred Circuit Contest Stop will be held on Saturday, December 1st at Loveland Ski Area, Colorado in conjunction with So-Gnar’s 1st Stop of the 2-day Snowboard Camp Tour season. Here are the Woodward @ Copper Stop #1 results:

Overall Winner – Josh Boeser, 2nd Place- Killin It Award– Red Gerard, 3rd place- Creativity – Dylan Okorowski


Red did an autograph signing for Arnette in Denver last Saturday. He got to hang with fellow teammates, Andrew Brewer and Sage Kotsenburg so how could he not have had a great time. Here’s some pics from the event:



Tricks for Treats Rail Jam at Woodward at Copper

One of the first rail jam’s of the season was held at Woodward at Copper last Sunday. Yeah, maybe it was indoors, but it won’t be long until you can take your tricks back to the hill…both Keystone and Copper open this weekend! Red took first in men’s snowboard and second in the bowl jam. A goulish time was had by all. Check out Woodward’s video to see the action:

Sorry – the video is no longer available

Mobbin A-Basin with Red Gerard and friends

Words from Snowboard Mag

Mobbin Wear headed up to Arapahoe Basin for opening weekend with Red Gerard, Blake Axelson, Grant Giller and Bradon Rohrbaugh and put it down on the six-features set up.



Here’s Colin Walter’s latest edit, featured on YoBeat.

Words – YoBeat:

All your favorite snowboard bums, I mean, Hobos in one edit!

Riders: Red Gerard, Danimals, Paul Gilbert, Jared Jordan, Riley Nickerson, Jordan Smalls, Mary Rand, Marcus Rand, Bobby Blumpkin, Justin Fronius, Derrek Lever, and Mark Wilson.


Taken directly from Snowboard Mag’s site:

Redmond Gerard will destroy us all!

Words: Josh Ruggles

Get ready because there’s a new kid in town and he’s good — scary good. If you haven’t heard of Redmond Gerard, then you best get familiar. The 12-year old Colorado youngblood makes most adults look silly by dropping man-sized hammers with style and ease.

When he isn’t cutting up resort jumps and rails, he’s carving up bowls at the skatepark with equal intensity. And for a kid still in middle school you could say he’s ahead of the game. He can make his 126cm board do things that even seasoned riders will never attempt.

Red shows us, when standing sideways he will lay waste to, well, anything he chooses. Luckily, we had the chance to interview the young phenom and survived to tell the tale.

Be afraid, here is Redmond Gerard.

How old are you and when did you start snowboarding? What was your first day like?

I can’t say I really remember my first day. I was two when I actually started snowboarding, but I was probably like one when I first went on a snowboard. My Dad taught me how to snowboard, but I really, really wanted to catch up to my brothers. I remember my Dad letting me bomb down the hill and then just falling on my butt.

Who are your current sponsors?

My sponsors are so awesome to me. They are Burton, Arnette, Woodward at Copper, Camtrol, Celtek, NXTZ, and Hobo.

Where is your local mountain?

Well I am pretty lucky to have so many great mountains nearby. I have an Epic Pass, which is pretty sweet so I will probably ride Breck the most of those mountains. Woodward at Copper gives me a pass to Copper to take my tricks I work on in the barn and out to the hill, so I ride Copper a lot too.

Who are your biggest supporters in your snowboarding?

Besides my sponsors, my brothers, Robbie Sell, Adam Pearce and Matt Guess.

What are your favorite tricks on jumps and rails?

Well on jumps I like front 7s and back 7s, and on rails I really like back blunt 270 and front 270 on.


Safety tricks?

Back 7, front 7, cab 5, back 9 and working on making my front 9s look better.

I saw your double cork attempt on YouTube, have you put one down yet?

[Laughs] Everyone asks that. Not yet, but I hope to this winter in pow, then take it to a park jump.

What other tricks are you working on now?

Front 9’s, front 10’s, cab 9 and switch back 5’s and 7’s.

Are you more interested in competition riding or making video parts?

Both, wherever snowboarding takes me.

How do you focus on shredding, school and still being a kid?

Well, like times right now I hang out with my friends, but when snowboarding starts I get out at 11:42 and just go straight to Breck, Copper or Keystone. But this year I want to do more powder and street stuff too.

You can get pretty gnarly on a skateboard as well, which do you have more fun doing?

Well I recently did an interview with Buoloco and in it I said skateboarding, but I kind of have equal fun in both.

Who in snowboarding do you look up to?

Chad Otterstrom, and why I say Chad is because no one realizes how good he actually is. He was telling me the other day that he learned two new doubles and in my opinion I think he is really sick.

Do you work to ride like any pros or do you just ride the way you want?

I just ride the way that I want.

Are you as into Justin Bieber as other youngsters or is that the wrong age group?

You might be in the wrong world; every one in my school hates Justin Beiber, other than the girls.

If you could spend a day in the pipe with Shaun White or a day in AK with Jeremy Jones which would you choose?

Most definitely Jeremy Jones I think his riding is sweet and in a way I want to be like him.





The Bangshow, Vidoegrass Premier

Red attended the Bangshow, Videograss premier Wednesday night in Denver with two of his mentors, pro snowboarders, Matt Guess (pictured) and Chad Otterstrom. Red’s brother Brendan was featured in the Bangshow. Red wanted to be one of the first to witness Brendan’s skills onscreen (even Brendan hasn’t seen the video yet) .

Chris Ferris Memorial Skateboard Comp in Breck

Red took first place in both the street and bowl divisions of this 3rd annual memorial skateboard comp held at the Breck skatepark this past Sunday. Chris Ferris was the former owner of Big Hit skate and snowboard shop in Breck and had a big influence on the local skate community.

Photo by Erik Richard Unger of the Summit Daily News


Words from Shred On Magazine’s site – 8/6/12:

Do you remember David Benedek‘s last flick “In Shortin which we get to see Jamie Nicholls at Halifax riding his famous dry slopes by the age of 14 only and throwing down 900s and other rad tricks? Well, Red Gerard is like the U.S.-version of that back then and is only 11 years old. Even sicker than Jamie back then (no offense..), this little grom blows you away and displays W-T-F on your forehead when watching this kid ride. Check out Red ripping things up here and get a tease of what might be waiting for this kid when keeping it up like that in 5 years let’s say. The world is yours son.

Check out their site:


Taken directly form Yobeat:


We know you’ve been wondering where Red Gerard is in this year’s Best Summer Ever series. At least, we have. Luckily, Parker is on the case and even got Red to answer some questions about his summer vacation.

What have you been up to?

Well I have been in Hood for the whole summer again and have been having another “best summer ever”, riding, skating, going to Hood River and cliff jumping (the little ones) at Punchbowl Falls.

You spent the whole summer at Mt Hood again, where did you stay this time around?

My whole family and I are here in Govy and we are staying in the Grand Lodges next to Collins Lake. I like being up in Govy better than down in Welches. I get to hang with friends easier up here.

Where did you ride?

Mostly at HCSC but also Windell’s, and public park as well.


Who watched over you this time since Brenden moved to LA? Did you miss him?

Well last summer Brendan had to watch me, but this summer he needed to babysit my brother Trevor, who just moved to LA. You know, you gotta be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the family…. So, my mom and dad are with me this time but I miss Brendan so much. Riding with him every day was a dream come true. One of my brothers, Malachi, is here though, my team manager at Burton got him a pass to HCSC this past session so he could film. We had so much fun riding together. It was kinda of a bummer not being able to ride at the camps with him this summer. I ended up spending a lot of time riding public park too

What’s been your favorite part about Hood this summer?

Well we had a 3-day Burton shoot. Two of the three days were night shoots and I had so much fun getting snowmobile rides and riding with my friends Brock Crouch and Gabe Ferguson. I had the best time of my life.

Do you have a girlfriend yet?

There are so many girls at camp seems like it would be easy. No I don’t, they all leave at the end of the session, then it would be like a phone relationship, haha.

Do you think they think you’re a little girl because your hair is longer than theirs?

Haha, yeah probably.

Who have you been riding with? What groms should we be watching out for?

I have been riding with every one from last year, Toby, Gabe, Chandler Hunt (watch out for Chandler) not Tucker Andrews, where is that dude anyway?

Probably hiking through the mountains in the middle of nowhere being awesome. Have you landed the double cork this summer?

No I have not. The next one is cab double nine I haven’t done it yet because I am scared and waiting for a perfect jump at Breck

Whats the wildest thing you have seen this summer?

Most definitely the Chinese person who did the triple backie on a 45 footer.

I’m pretty sure that guy was Japanese.

Whoops, how am I supposed to know these things.

Whats new with Cobradogs? Are you still interning there?

Haha, haven’t been working as munch this summer but they’ve still been hookin me up.

What are your plans for this upcoming season? Contests? Traveling? Where are you gonna be?

I think kinda the same places as last year but I want to do a lot of powder and street, not just be a park rat.

Who is sponsoring you these days?

Arnette, Burton, Woodward at Copper, Celtek, NXTZ, Cobra Dogs, Stance socks, Skullcandy and Hobo


Check out Red’s interview on Buoloco

Just click on this link:

Twelfth birthday spent with family and friends in “The Hood”

The Launch Presented By Red Bull: Day 4 Video | Snowboarder Magazine

We cannot seem to figure out how to embed the video from Day 4 of the Launch into the site. BUT, if you click on the link below, it will take you to the real deal on Snowboarder Mag’s site.

The Launch Presented By Red Bull: Day 4 Video | Snowboarder Magazine.

On Day 4 at The Launch, Snowboarder Magazine is proud to unveil it’s very own Red Cam. Check out the action from Red Gerard and our Super Grom crew as well as the massive ravine gap conquered by Ben Ferguson and the Mindnichs.


No pictures from Day 4 of the Launch but we are told that a video will be posted. Red had a great time, hard not to in the awesome weather we were given and the opportunity to ride with such awesome riders. Here’s s an excerpt of some final words from T-Bird from Snowboarder Mag‘s site, click on the link to get the whole story and see some awesome shots of Ben Ferguson:

Meanwhile, I spent a good part of my afternoon lapping with the little guys. Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Gabe Ferguson, Cody Warble and cohorts were flying down the hill hitting every feature both in the public and Launch park while I was attempting to keep up. It didn’t work. These kids truly are the future of snowboarding. Stay tuned for the exclusive edit coming soon. I must say though, their youth rubbed off on me, and I had one of the best times ever lapping with these little guys.


Here are some extremely condensed words (basically just the sentence about Red) taken from the Snowboarder site. For full (and much better) coverage check out Snowboarder Mags site:

Day three of The Launch 2012 Presented by Red Bull at Bear Mountain, California was the best yet…hands down. The morning started off with a similar crew from last night’s sunset session…Red Gerard, Stefan Krumm, Zach Normandin, Brock Crouch, and a handful of others were sessioning a high speed line into the pole jam…Basically, today was the day that The Launch got really “frickin’” gnarly.

rider: Red Gerard, photo: Huggy


Another beautiful day at the Launch. Here’s an excerpt of what Snowboarder Mag‘s site had to say about the day (click on the link to get the full story:

After the redirect, the action moved down about 100 yards to the channel gap. Opting to ride along the deck and gap over the channel in a more unorthodox way, Sam Taxwood, Jaeger Bailey, Blake Paul, Red Gerard, Max Warbington, Stefan Krumm, Ben Ferguson, and a handful of others displayed tricks far beyond their years for about an hour with front 180s, straight airs, back threes, and even a one-foot backie, courtesy of young Jaeger, who is emerging as one of the most impressive riders in attendance. 


Red Gerard has a tighter stance than Jed Anderson. photo: E-Stone


Day one of the highly anticipated Launch at Bear Mountain went off with weather more suited for the beach, giving off vacation style vibes. Not exactly optimal snowboarding conditions, but no one was complaining and everyone was having fun. Here’s an excerpt and a shot of Red from Snowboarder Mag‘s site – hopefully more to follow!

Other standouts included Blake Paul, who was putting down crazy backside three seatbelts and sending the big quarterpipe, San Taxwood and Max Warbington, who planted their palms on the up/down rail set against the quarterpipe. Zander Blackmon’s 270 to methods, Jaeger Bailey’s back rodeos, Red Gerard’s skate-inspired redirects, and of course Hans Mindnich’s alley oops were some of the best tricks during the afternoon session on the jump to quarter wall.

Little Red going big. rider: Red Gerard, photo: Mike Yoshida

Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam

The PB&J Rail Jam took place at Keystone yesterday. Red didn’t feel like he brought his A game to this one (probably just had his mind on his trip to Big Bear that he was leaving for after the comp), but it was enough to earn him a second place finish – off to the Launch!

Taken from the Volcom website: Stepping up to the man sized contest site, the 15 and under division unleashed the furry. Spin on/spin out, locking lips through the elbow, and stylish presses were all part of the action these young guns put on display. Bradley Luff ended up taking the victory with a lethal combination of style and aggression. Not far behind was Redman Gerard and Isaiah Woodworth taking home the 2nd and 3rd place positions.

Wild on B – Kids at the Launch

The Launch is coming up, one great place to see snowboarding’s newest up and coming talent. But while we’re waiting for everyone to congregate in Bear, Burton put together this video from last year’s Launch in Park City – check it out!

Last spring the Youth took over Park City, Utah for Snowboarder Magazine’s “The Launch”. Launch was an appropriate name for this event because everyone was going huge. For such young riders, the talent being displayed was on a whole other level. The huge crew of Zak Hale, Ben Ferguson, Kyle Mack, Brock Crouch, Ben Watts, Redmond Gerard, Nick Baden, Carter Smalley, Tim Kevin Ravnjak, Brock Waring, Harrison Gray, Alex Andrews, Darren Mack and Stephan Maurer destroyed Park City.


It’s Woodward Wednesday! Hope everyone is shredding on this gorgeous day! Check out this week’s edit featuring Stevie Meskill, Kyle Hay and Red Gerard. As always don’t miss out on our $35 Wednesday deal which includes a full day lift ticket, barn sesh, and one soda/beer.


Redmond and some of the gang from 720 headed out to Loveland on Friday to shoot some photos for Snowboard Colorado. Here are two of them – courtesy of Loveland!



Red participated in his first backcountry comp this weekend taking home plenty of goods for Best Grom – while to be honest, he was the ONLY grom. What a cool comp with four different features scattered throughout the backcountry of Loveland Pass. Check out the full coverage of the event on Transworld Snowboarding‘s site.

Red Gerard is King of the Groms.

Red wins a Never Summer board at USASA Copper comp

Red took 1st place in slope this past weekend at Copper’s USASA event, winning him a new board (in the background) for highest overall snowboard score of the day.


This material was taken directly from YoBeat, check out their site for the real interview!
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Cobra Dogs, represent. photo: Cory Grove

Throwing double corks. Winning X Games Gold. Riding at every summer camp. Traveling around the world snowboarding. Sounds like the average life of any uber pro. Now imagine you get to do all that before you become a teenager. Welcome to the world of Redmond Gerard. His personality and skill have captured the attention of brands, Internet trolls and even us here at Yobeat. This pint size phenom has been taking the shred world by storm, but all he wants to do is be a kid.

How old are you these days?

I’m 11 years old.

How does it feel to be the biggest 11 year old in snowboarding right now?

Ummm, I don’t know. It’s pretty fricken awesome. I think it’s pretty cool because all the websites are putting my videos up and crap. Hardly anyone ever says anything bad, which is cool because people on websites can be mean.

You’re getting pretty close to landing the double cork. Why do you want to do one?

Because I would be the youngest kid to ever do one and it would be pretty cool to get one because I like flipping a lot.

You have three other brothers that snowboard — will you rub it in their face when you land it?

I’ll definitely rub it in Brendan’s face because we are kind of at the same level and I’m competitive and he’s not, so it’s funny. Sometimes I pick out an outfit for myself to wear snowboarding and I ask him if he thinks it’s cool and he freaks out on me. I like to annoy him and make him mad as a joke.

Brendan is an edgy Comune dude and you’re a brightly colored Burton kid. How did you end up so different?

I don’t know. Burton doesn’t make the kind of stuff that he is into. He’s into tight stuff and I don’t really dig it. Burton only makes the Shaun White stuff tight and I’m not into that whole look.

What do you think about Shaun White? He was where you were like 10 years ago.

I don’t really like his outfits, but I think it’s cool that he’s getting back into the slopestyle scene and not just being a pipe jock. He goes huge and has a lot of tricks.

Tap, tap, tap it in.

Who would you rather end up like, Shaun or Brendan?

(Laughing) Brendan is gonna be pissed but definitely Shaun White because he gets paid so much.

Why don’t you want to end up like Brendan?

All I know is that I want get paid a lot of money. I don’t think Brendan has a lot.

Is that why you snowboard? To get paid a lot of money?

No, I snowboard to have fun and ride with my brothers and to learn new tricks.

I heard Sean Tedore from Capita recently tried to recruit you from Burton and you turned him down. What’s the deal with that?

Well first of all, Capita only makes one kids board and it doesn’t even have tips. Burton makes a ton of kids stuff that fits my image perfectly and they have people on the team that I love riding with?

What’s your image?

What does image mean. I think it means how you look?

Sure. What’s your image?

I don’t know why I said that. I don’t even know what it means.

Image means the type of snowboarder you are in regards to how people perceive you.

Oh, ummm, I just like the stuff Burton makes and they make a lot of stuff for kids and I’m a kid. Burton treats me really good. They send me so much stuff.

Most 11 year olds don’t have the opportunity to turn down major brands. Is Capita the only one you have turned down?

I haven’t turned down many companies but it’s definitely hard to turn down a sponsor when they just want to give you free stuff. I think if you have a company you really like you just have to stick with them, you can’t just leave a brand that helps you out because someone else likes you too.

Out of bounds!

Burton has a lot of cute chicks working for them. Kelly Stocklein works for Burton and every little boy likes her. Do you think she’s a babe?

Oh my god no.


I don’t know, jeez. This is the creepiest question I’ve ever answered.

Fine, who do you think is a babe?

Definitely not Britney Spears. I like skateboards not chicks.

Tell me the story about you pissing your pants today.

So we were on our way home from snowboarding today and I really had to go to the bathroom. Trevor (older brother) couldn’t get his seat to move and he kept slamming it into me and squishing me and I couldn’t hold it any longer and I peed a little bit.

So should you still be wearing diapers?

(Laughing) Shut up.

Living the life. Photo: Cory Grove

Last summer you got to spend the whole summer at Mt Hood. Tell me about that.

It was my first time ever spending the whole summer there and it was really fun because I got to meet so many people and make so many friends. I got to ride at both Windells and HCSC whenever I wanted and they were both so much fun. I love skating and Windells has the most amazing skate parks.

People twice your age try so hard to just ride one of those parks and you get to ride either whenever you want. Do you know how good you have it?

I know that I am really lucky, but I work really hard and I think that the right people notice. I’m really lucky to have such great sponsors that hook me up so well and get me into wherever I want to be. I think it’s awesome to do whatever I want.

Why do you think people like you more than all the other little kids?

Because I’m nice and I always say thank you and I’m very polite. My mom taught me to be graceful and thankful and I think sponsors appreciate it.

You recently won a gold medal at X Games. What was that for?

They had a team challenge that my shop sponsor 720 Boardshop got into. We did the contest at night and there was so many people there watching and it was awesome to win a gold medal the first time I was there. I have always seen X Games on TV and I never knew that there were THAT many people there.

Winner! Photo: Malachi Gerard

Where is that medal right now?

The medal is at the shop.

Do you get to take it home?

No it sits in the shop. I wish I could take it home.

If you could take it home, what would you do with it? Would you wear it everywhere?

Well I only have to go to school for three hours a day so I wouldn’t have time to show it off. I’d want to show all my friends, but I never really see them so I’d probably just hang it up on my wall.

You’re only at school for 3 hours a day? Does that mean all the normal kids are smarter than you?

Yeah. Definitely. I’m kind of retarded.

Are you banking on making it as a pro snowboarder so you don’t have to be smart?

That’s what my goal is because I miss a lot of school, so I really hope it works out. I hate being at school because it’s not that fun. I’d rather be riding my snowboard or skateboard.

Who influences you as a snowboarder and why?

I mostly look up to my brothers because they all rip and I just want to live the dream like them.

When you are a huge pro will you let them follow you around as your entourage?

Duh, they will be living in my mansion. My older brother says he’s gonna live off of me when I get older and I have to buy him a super nice car. My house is gonna have a lot of rooms and they can all stay with me. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for them.

I filmed you a few times this past summer and you would get pretty pissed off when you couldn’t land something. Snowboarding is supposed to be fun especially at your age.

Well I get really mad sometimes. Mostly because I get tired of hiking and I get sick of not landing something when I know I can do it.

Don’t you think you should be able to enjoy snowboarding as a kid, rather than a job?

I definitely think that’s true. I feel like when you get older it’s kind of a job because you have to get shots and win contests to stay important. Money doesn’t just grow on trees.

Do you ever feel pressured by anyone to snowboard?

Sometimes when I meet new sponsors I feel like I really have to try hard, but as soon as I snowboard it all just goes away.

Who do you think your main competition is as a kid?

Some of the other kids that are killing it are Brock Crouch, Gabe Fergusson, and Toby Miller.

Are those kids your friends or do you not get along because you’re all trying to be the next big thing.

If you ever watched the summer edits Yobeat did, we all just board together and its all just fun and games. We don’t really feel like we are competing against each other and we love riding with each other.

What advice would you give to other young kids trying to make it?

Do it for fun, don’t push yourself too hard. Learn tricks one by one. It’s not worth getting hurt. It’s just snowboarding. It’s just supposed to be fun.

What do you like to do besides snowboarding?

Skateboard, trampoline, and get new gear.

Get new gear? Do you mean get new product from your sponsors?


I said besides snowboarding.

Getting new gear isn’t snowboarding. I don’t have to be on the snow to get it.

He got that gear for free! Photo: Malachi Gerard

Fair enough. Who is your favorite brother to annoy and what the easiest way to do it?

Brendan is by far my favorite to annoy. The easiest way is to stress him out. He gets stressed out really easy and I know all the best ways to get him stressed out. My favorite is doing crazy things like going over a huge jump and spinning as much as possible.

Why do you think it stresses him out?

It probably scares him to know that I could get hurt at any moment and he doesn’t want his little brother to get hurt.

What else stresses him out?

He has a crazy girlfriend Danyale that definitely stresses him out. Sometimes she even stresses me out with her high-pitched voice. (Red does a high pitched impersonation) Breeeennnndaannnnnn carry my board. Brendannnnnnnnn these boots wont stay tight. Brendaaaaannnnnn watch me.

Are you into chicks yet?

I’m only 11 so I don’t want the trouble.

What do you think is the worst thing happening in snowboarding right now?

The triple corks because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do them.

So you think they are bad because you cant do them?


1/3 of a triple cork. Photo: Malachi Gerard

What are your plans for the rest of the season?

I don’t know. I’m pretty excited to go back to summer camp and to land the double cork.

In that last web edit you crashed pretty hard. Are you too young for it to hurt?

It still definitely hurts but it doesn’t hurt like a grown man because I have rubber bones. I don’t think they are really rubber but that’s what people say. I’m pretty tough.

Is there anyone you want to thank?

I want to thank all of my brothers for taking care of me and teaching me tricks and my mom for setting up contests and paying for me to go everywhere. I want to thank my dad for teaching me how to snowboard and for teaching me to never be cocky. I also want to thank all my sponsors for giving me cool free stuff. As a little kid to get free stuff like I do is like Christmas every day. I get boxes pretty much every day from Burton, Arnette, Skullcandy and Celtek.

Woodward Wednesday- Last Lap: Red Gerard



Taken directly from Woodward at Copper‘s site:

For this week’s Woodward Wednesday edit we follow Red Gerard, a Woodward regular, as he shred’s through his last lap of the day. Don’t forget Woodward Wednesdays are every wednesday-only $35 for a lift ticket, Barn Sesh, and a beer/soda. Check us out here first before you head out for the most up to date photos!

Check out the new Arnette catalog!

High Five with Red Gerard (Yup He’s a Regular)

Woodward at Copper High Five with Red Gerard. Redmond’s your average happy go lucky grom living the dream in Summit County. He’s been on a tear lately trying his first backside double cork 10, getting featured for a Method Mag web edit, and taking 1st place at the USASA X Games Rail jam. We are super excited for Red and always enjoy having him around. You can tell he’s a Barn regular when his High Five is 5 doubles on the trampolines. (Taken directly from the W@C site)


This is the title YoBeat gave Malachi’s latest edit of Red. This is a “to be continued edit” though. The final version with the stomped backside double cork (following the two attempts) needs to be added. Watch for the updated edit – Coming Soon!

Both YoBeat and Snowand picked up the edit, here is what both had to say, just click on the links below if you want to visit their page:

YoBeat – Sucks if you wanna be a pro snowboarder these days, as this is what you’re up against. Red Gerard is 11. Maybe 12 by now. Whatever, kid is good. (For the record – Red is 11)

Snowand –  Who The Hell is Red Gerard

I’m not sure where he came from or what his parents have been feeding him for breakfast but Red Gerard is probably one of the most impressive 11 year old dudes in the country! Watch Red absolutely destroy all things park at KeystoneBreckenridge, and Copper Mountain! This kid probably has more skills than you, and I know he’s way better at tender age of 11 than I will ever be! Lets throw out a big congrats to Red Gerard for being a killer young shred!


Red was lucky enough to be asked to do the X-Games Team Challenge as part of Team 720. The Challenge took place on the Real Snow course on the last day of the X-Games and the prize was nothing less than an X-Games medal. But before the Team Challenge took place, the X-Games Rail Jam was held, the first prize was $1000. Red was definitely NOT planning on winning, as the competition was, well – BIG. Somehow things lined up for Red and he took home the grand. Thinking that there was no way things could get much better, the Team Challenge proved him wrong. Red threw down his best, and the four other 720 team members were on fire. In the end their efforts were recognized with an X-Games gold medal. It was a GOOD day!

Method Mag – Fresh Meat


Taken directly from Method Mag:

Method TV spent some time at Woodward at Copper with the Gerard brothers, Brendan and Redmond. Watch these two destroy the park and Red rip skate bowl with no shoes! Extra footy provided by Colin Waters at

Check out Red’s Fresh Meat interview on page 42 of Method Mag 12.3 now online!
Plus make sure to peep Brendan’s feature interview coming out soon in Method Mag 12.4.

6th Place Vail Gatorade Free Flow

Red’s first backside double cork

This was a collaborative effort by Red and his brothers, who coached and filmed and were equally excited to see Red complete the trick. No trying to practice a stomped landing today though, as Summit County was hit by more snow – can’t say I’m complaining. Maybe tomorrow, they are calling for partly sunny skies.

Arnette wall photo

Andrew Brewer and Red Gerard, like a couple G’s

YoBeat Wacky Wednesday 2

This post was taken directly from Yobeat

It’s official Red Gerard looks like a midget from 2004 and is as good as any pro from the era as well. If he doesn’t decide to pursue something stupid like girls or school he’s going to be the boss. Oh, and his brother Brendan Gerard and some other dirtbags do some sweet moves in this too.



Posted by Morrison Hsieh on December 23, 2011 on the Woodward at Copper site:

Redmond is a Barn regular with a solid bag of tricks. He was more than ready to stomp 5 tricks for a Woodward High Five, and did so with a positive attitude.  Red was so excited to see his High Five that I am willing to bet we’ll see trampoline and skate High Fives from this talented grom.

Wild on B – Grom Team Playing in the Park

(Taken from the Burton website)

Usually when kids play in the park you expect to see slides and swing sets and not boardslides down stair sets. Alexis Roland, Gabe Ferguson, Redman Gerard, Brock Crouch, Darren Mack and the rest of the Burton Smalls team aren’t playing around.

Red’s newest sponsor – Copper Mountain

Red scored big this time, with a sponsorship from Copper Mountain. Now he can hit their new terrain park filled with features from Woodward at Copper. Check out the latest Copper opening day video on Yobeat from Colin Walters at Hobo.  




Woodward at Copper Tricks for Treats Rail Jam

The 2nd annual Tricks for Treats Rail Jam was held at Woodward at Copper yesterday and a scaringly good time was had by all. Red took first place in the Am division. Sorry, the video is no longer available.




This post was taken directly from SNOWBOARDER Mags website:

Red Gerard made it in time for some runs, had to ditch class of course.                                               Group shot left to right- Tucker, Trevor, Jackson, Nick, Brendan, and Redmond G

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  hanging out below

Red was talkin trash in the liftline…so we had to stomp on a child.



November issue Transworld Snowboarding announces new Arnette National team riders Andrew Brewer and Red Gerard – page 40


Not only is Redmond lucky to live near one of the coolest indoor freestyle skiing and snowboarding training facilities in the country, he’s also sponsored by them! Here’s a clip of Red and some fellow “Hobos”, stormin’ The Barn, taken from their website at:                                                                                                    

The Derelict look must be back in because there were Hobos slaying the Barn last week! I think they forgot to call Zoolander about the skate sesh. Special thanks to Colin Walters for hooking it up!

Posted by Morrison Hsieh on October 1, 2011

Check out Red’s shot in October’s Snowboarder Mag!


Redmond attended the Ogden Theatre on Thursday night for world premier of Burton’s latest film, Standing Sideways. Some of the industry’s greatest were there. Riders like Jack Mitrani (Jack helped Redmond  shoot some promo footage in Mammoth last winter and is now one of Red’s favorites), Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Kazu Kokubo, Jeremy Jones and Mark McMorris. A good time was had by all. Check out Snowboarder Mags website for more coverage:

3 Stewardess

Unfortunately Red missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. Pat Bridges asked Red if he wanted to take a picture with Pat and the Burton stewardesses, RED TURNED HIM DOWN! 🙁

24 RedGerard

Here’s the comment posted under Red’s picture on Snowboarder Mag’s site:

“Red Gerard shoulda walked the Red Carpet. Kid’ll have plenty of premieres like this with his name on the screen in the future”


Red is so excited to be a part of the Arnette National team, alongside such great riders as Devun Walsh, Zac Marben, Dustin Craven and Sage Kotsenburg. Check out the goods at:


If you’ve watched any of the Yobeat “Best Summer Ever” edit’s that have included Red, then I think you already know the answer to the question above. Ya, as Blake and Fronius said in the end of the BFF’s edit, “Red’s a spoiled little snowboarder”, or at least he was this summer, school starts tomorrow and a rude awakening may be in store. But for now we’ll concentrate on the sweetness of summer, even if it is coming to an end. Here’s the last of Yobeat’s Best Summer Ever edits with Brendan (Red’s brother) and Redmond in the opener and Red’s final thoughts on summer at the end.



This post is pealed directly off of YoBeat’s website. To check out the latest and greatest snowboard info visit:

No matter what you are doing this summer, there is no way you are having a better time than Red Gerard. He is 11 years old and hanging out with his best friends at Mt Hood all summer. He can go anywhere on the mountain, he can skate any park he wants, he gets everything for free, and he just landed his first job at Cobra Dogs. Red is quite literally having the best summer ever.

Song: With a Little Help from My Friends
Artist: Joe Cocker

Best Summer Ever is proudly supported by Banshee Bungee and Timberline


The sun has finally returned this week, along with smiling faces. Boards are once again flying and Cobra dogs are plentiful. What could be better!


     An “over the clouds” (riding with the clouds below you) hot and sunny day

                    Red and Toby, serving up some Cobra Dogs. No child labor laws at this elevation!

Cobra Dogs is going to have their own website coming soon at Until then, check out their Facebook page at:

Rain Rain Go Away!

Not much snowboarding going on in Mt. Hood lately. Thank goodness for Windell’s!

Best Summer Ever: Rain Day

Check out YoBeat’s latest “Best Summer Ever” webisode ( with some words from Red at the very very end, and his take on the current weather situation.


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