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*These excerpts were taken from Snowboarder Magazine’s website:

Words: T Bird

With all of the ridiculous action on-hill at Park City this week, it seemed almost fitting that things died down on the last day of The Launch. Not all of the riders showed up due to inclement weather, but the ones who did were treated to a morning pow session and an afternoon photo shoot on the V-tree and the pole jam to wallride.

Park Manager Jeremy Cooper and his crew even took some pow turns, which was refreshing to us all at SNOWBOARDER, because it further proved that although these guys are some of the most talented sculpters in the world, they’re snowboarders first and foremost. Around noon, about twenty riders gathered in the upper portion of the course as the sun started to show. Hans and Nils Mindnich, Caden Michnal, Blake Paul, Cam Fitzpatrick, Stefan Krumm, Kyle Mack, Ben Ferguson, Red Gerard, Griffin Siebert, Jack Herald, and a handful of others began sessioning, so Cooper and his cohorts fired up the sleds for a final finale and farewell of sorts.

Hans and Nils were bonking and redirecting. So was Kyle Mack. Griffin was tweaking like hell. You could hear his bindings squeaking from a hundred yards away. Bradshaw would’ve been proud. Red was pointing it at the tree, and barely getting enough speed to clear through the gap because of his small stature. However, the kid’s got style. And he’s only ten. Red is the real deal. The two bangers went to Cam Fitzpatrick, who one-footed through the V, and Caden Michnal, who backflipped through the thread-the-needle feature. The photos are sick, and were a proper reminder of the event. Day and night, rain, shine, or cloud cover, no matter the conditions, these kids just want to ride and get in front of the lens. That’s what makes The Launch special, and what went down at Park City was absolutely no exception. Wait for the print feature in our second issue of the season (September), and feast your eyes on the future generation of über-shreds.

THE LAUNCH 2011 DAY 3 & 4 VIDEO (There is a short little interview with Red in the middle of this video – click on link to left to view)

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